Clallam County


By the Numbers

The average selling price among the 30 waterfront homes sold at Sequim was $549,000; the median selling price was $462,000.

Clallam County on the northern shore of the Olympic Peninsula is near by air and sea to Victoria and Vancouver Island, British Columbia, as well as the San Juan Islands to the northeast. In previous reports, RSIR has not included analysis of Clallam County home selling data. We draw data for our reports exclusively from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS). In Clallam County, the Olympic Multiple Listing Service (OMLS) competes with the NWMLS for listings, and it is likely that not all waterfront listings are added to both services. Therefore, data sourced only from one service or the other are likely to be incomplete.

However, due to the high demand among our brokers and their clients for insight into Clallam County’s markets, we have set aside those concerns. RSIR is now pleased to include analysis of NWMLS sales data for these areas in this and subsequent reports.


Sequim to Discovery Bay

Over the 15 months, 30 waterfront homes were sold in the vicinity of Sequim (pronounced “skwim”) between Green Point and Discovery Bay. No more than four NWMLS-listed waterfront sales closed in any single month. All sold were residential homes.

Three of these homes sold for more than a million dollars. One sold with frontage on a small private lake south of Matriotti Creek, at $1.2 million. Two more were sold near Schoolhouse Point on the western shore of Sequim Bay: one for $1.1 million, the other for $1.29 million. The average selling price among the 30 waterfront homes sold at Sequim was $549,000; the median selling price was $462,000.

Port Angeles

Thirty-nine waterfront residential homes and one waterfront condominium sold at Port Angeles over the 15-month period. In 2018, four waterfront homes monthly sold in May, June, and August, and five sold in July. The average and median selling prices of these forty homes were $510,000 and $428,500, respectively.

In this area, three of the four waterfront homes sold for more than a million dollars were listed by RSIR: one for $1.1 million overlooking a small cove west of Observatory Point on the Strait of Juan de Fuca; a second for $1.5 million at Indian Creek north of Highway 101; and a third for $1.6 million on the south-facing shore at Piedmont on Lake Crescent.

Quillayute River Basin

The Sol Duc Valley, the Forks Prairie, and the Quillayute Basin together comprise an environmentally rich, but remote area for waterfront living. Despite the quality of life, the isolation here will deter many would-be buyers, thus constraining the area’s home prices. During the 15-month period, NWMLS-listed waterfront homes sold by one or two monthly from August through November, but only eight altogether. The average price of these eight residential waterfront homes was $263,000.