Ballard, Green Lake & North Seattle


By the Numbers

At $2.2 million, the average residential waterfront selling price in North Seattle was more than double the median price of $1.04 million, skewed by four Laurelhurst homes that sold for $4.6 million to $11 million.

The 2018 peak months for waterfront sales in this area[1] were May and June with respectively seven and eight sales monthly. Nearly three-quarters (24) of the 33 waterfront homes sold at Ballard and Green Lake during the 15 months were condominium units. The average and median prices of these units were $603,500 and $582,500, respectively. RSIR listed the second-highest priced residential waterfront home sold in Ballard during the 15 months ($1.55 million).

In nine of those months, North Seattle saw only one waterfront sale per month; but 20 of the 26 sales in this area were residential home sales.

[1] This is one of several geographic areas of focus in our report that comprise more than one “area” designated by the NWMLS. These areas are treated as singular exclusively for the purposes of our own waterfront report.