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“Rather than answer what time of year is best for purchasing a waterfront home, I prefer answering the question, ‘When should a buyer write an offer on a waterfront home?’ Buyers need to decide if they want high, medium, low or no-bank waterfront. They must ask themselves; do I want blazing sunlight until 10:15 p.m., or intense sun at 5:30 a.m. and shade at 2:00 p.m.? Do I want access to the beach, or am I okay only having a water view? Do I want a mooring buoy? A dock? A sandy, rocky, or muddy beach? Once buyers know the answer to these questions —and many more—they are ready to buy at any time of the year!”

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“The first thing I talk about with buyers of waterfront properties is the orientation of the property. Facing east is an entirely different experience than facing west. Are you a sunrise person, or a sunset person? From there, we take a deep dive into how the nuances of things like bank, boat traffic, weather, water depth, and jurisdictional restrictions will affect the utility and enjoyment of a property to the individual needs and desires of the client.”

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