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With generations of experience in waterfront listing and selling, RSIR brokers offer a wealth of insight to sellers and buyers of waterfront homes. While home selling statistics offer clues as to when to list locally, RSIR brokers who have successfully guided sellers through this process are well equipped to advise each seller when to list and how to prepare a home for sale.

As we have shown, waterfront sales do follow an observable trend that mimics the rest of the home-selling market. However, the demand for waterfront properties is year-round, and notions of seasonality should not delay a timely listing.

Waterfront homes in certain price brackets will be targets for buyers who have financial considerations that will impact when those buyers need to close:

As with any listing, prepping, staging, and marketing a waterfront home for sale are each essential to a successful closing. Yet there are considerations that set these homes apart.

Some markets, such as the San Juan Islands and Lake Chelan, are notably slow-moving, and this should be factored into the duration of a listing contract between broker and seller.

Our brokers know how to best position a waterfront property for that buyer who will be most highly motivated and ready to purchase it.

In addition to representing sellers, RSIR brokers are experienced in helping buyers to successfully navigate the market. Here again, timing is subjective—buyers will act when the objects of their dreams appear.

Brokers can effectively guide the buyers they represent by asking the right questions.

A diverse market satisfies all kinds of buyers. Some buyers seek a serene retreat:

But the most visible waterfront attributes are the ones catering to energetic buyers:

Buyers and sellers alike should carefully select a knowledgeable broker to help them through this challenging, but ultimately rewarding process. RSIR brokers know the region and possess insight into each of these distinctive markets.